Manitoba Garage Doors

187 Sutherland Avenue Winnipeg MB R2W 3E6

Broken garage door? We can fix it! Door beyond repair, or obsolete? We can replace it! Manitoba Garage Door is the most well respected garage door repair and replacement service provider in Winnipeg. With over 42 years of combined experience, and over 30,000 calls completed in and around Winnipeg, its safe to say we are the experts in the industry. Our technicians are extremely experienced with all aspects of garage door repair and replacement. Our fleet of service trucks are fully equipped with modern tools and the highest quality genuine OEM parts. Combine this with the fastest service in the province, unbeatable prices, and the provinces longest warranties, its no wonder why Manitoba Garage Door has remained the 1st choice for well over a decade. Are you a contractor, home builder, or just want to do the work yourself? Our 10,000sqf warehouse has plenty of door packages and parts on hand for the DIY'er. Call today for an appointment